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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself.
My name is Ashley Noelle and I'm a makeup loving girl. I'm the type of person who discovers products and items and things that I love and want to tell the world. I like to experiment with different products, different companies just to see what they have to offer and if what the sell works for me. I'll be posting reviews and tutorials from youtube on here about nails, hair, makeup and product knowledge videos and much much more. Allow me to entertain you and teach you about the things that I love and hopefully you'll love to. Follow me on my journey of beauty and more.


All of the products that I will be using will be brought with my own money. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for any of the reviews. The views and opinions on said items and products are my own and are not in corporation with the company or vendor. The opinions stated are soley my own and the content of this blog belongs to the owner of this blog.


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