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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Hour Scented Nail Polish

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Presenting the new Mattese Elite Happy Hour Nail Polish collection! It's how we do summer in the city. All shades are scented when dry, and come in six fun, summery shades, including: Apple Martini, Shirley Temple, Hypnotic, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmopolitan, and Purple Passion. Try one, or try the whole collection! Sure to impress!

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Unfortunately i haven't had the privledge to swatch this nail polish for you guys yet but the minute i do, I will definitely post it. :)
Mattese Elite is Ricky's Own brand of cosmetics.
Happy Hour is the newest collection in nail varnish that is SCENTED! It's this summer's hottest trend. This colors are funky, fun, bright, and did i mention they smell amazing!
I own Tequila Sunrise, I'm not really sure what scent it is. I believe it's orange.
Apple Martini is apple scented, Hypnotic is blue raspberry scented, Cosmopolitan is strawberry, Shirley Temple is bubble gum scented and Purple Passion is grape scented. The only con about these polishes is that they're very sheer. I used 3-4 coats on one nail just to get an opaque look. It doesn't work well with Shatter Polishes either. The scent lasts for 2-3 days and is just $5.99. It's fun, affordable and trendy. You can find them at any Ricky's NYC locations or buy them online. I hope you try them out. If you do, email me the pictures at colourmebonita@gmail.com and I'll post your swatches on my website.
If you have any questions or want reviews on any other products email me with the subject line "Product Review" and i'll get back to you ASAP. I'll be posting new tutorials soon so i'll keep you posted ! Thanks for visiting.


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