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Saturday, March 19, 2011


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Fashion IS self-expression.
Who we are, is what we wear.
From the fabric,to the style and colors; it is the essence of us.

I actually like this outfit.
I've got on a Mickey Mouse Disney Couture Shirt.
A Bleached Denim Motorcycle vest from some local clothing store in my neighborhood called Pink Bella.
A Pair of yellow skinny jeans from V.I.M.S.
and black mid-calf faux leather pointed flat boots from Michael Antonio.

This Outfit made me feel super kick ass.
I felt beyond confident and more sure of myself then ever.
It was then that I realized that fashion is more than just a cover up for your nude body lol.

I don't have a specific style. I just like to look good.
I'm Chic, Boho, Glam, rocker-chic, preppy, urban, and classic at any given moment.
It constanly changes which says alot about my character. I'm indecisive, carefree, opininated, confident, self-assured and independent.

What does your clothing say about you?


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